Sailing Cruises ...and more!

Charter a Sailing Yacht and cruise around Lesvos or towards all the Aegean islands (like Sporades, Lemnos, Chios, Oinousses, Psara, Dodecanese, Cyclades) and Turkey.
Our vessel
"SELANA" Salona 42' and
Our skippers offer you
a real sailing experience and
the key to unforgettable holidays.

Also, if you want to enrich your vacations even more, we and
Our Associates
can give you the opportunity
to combine your
sailing trip with
your favored hobbies, sports and interests like scuba diving, cycling, hiking, bird-watching, fishing, hot springs and photography workshops ALL YEAR ROUND!!!
Sail the Aegean in 3 dimensions and have the time of your life!

Our location

s/y "SELANA"

Sailing and ...

Combine Sailing & Scuba Diving

Add depth to a two dimensional world

Combine Sailing & Scuba DivingScuba diving adds a 3rd dimension to the 2 dimensional world of sailing.
It adds many more dimensions though to our horizons, our experiences, the way we see Nature.
We were lucky to cooperate with George and his Scuba Oceanic Diving Center in Lesvos isl, Kostas and Skopelos Dive center in Sporades isles and Theodoros Lemnos Dive Center in Lemnos isl. Not only because they are experts on scuba diving but also because they share our view point on Nature and are driven by the same wish to make you know and love the Aegean in all its dimensions.
We worked together to create special itineraries which combine sailing and scuba diving in a way that will satisfy everyone -from the beginner who "wants to try it" to the expert who wants a "live aboard" trip. 
Special educational itineraries combining scuba diving and sailing lessons for those who "want to learn" even while being on vacation. 

Sailing and scuba diving. Click HERE for a short video in our page in Facebook

A video about Scuba diving in Greece:


In front of the cave
Blue eyes
Tet a tet
Getting ready...
Lemnos scuba team
Wreck at Kombi Lemnos
Under Molyvo's castle
December 2013
Tokmakia, winter 2013
Tokmakia 2013