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Charter a Sailing Yacht and cruise around Lesvos or towards all the Aegean islands (like Sporades, Lemnos, Chios, Oinousses, Psara, Dodecanese, Cyclades) and Turkey.
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"SELANA" Salona 42' and
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the key to unforgettable holidays.

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to combine your
sailing trip with
your favored hobbies, sports and interests like scuba diving, cycling, hiking, bird-watching, fishing, hot springs and photography workshops ALL YEAR ROUND!!!
Sail the Aegean in 3 dimensions and have the time of your life!

Our location

s/y "SELANA"



The treasure island


Once up on a time a sailor's dream was the Island with the hidden Treasure.
Psara island is a treasure itself.
Difficult to reach it since it is well protected by the strong winds, but beautiful.
Countless small bays with golden sandy beaches.
High mountains full of wild goats, steep cliffs where the wild pigeons make their nests.
Historical place, stands for thousands of years as a shelter and a guard, on the routes of the vessels who cross the Aegean.
Archaeological research found significant traces of the prehistoric period but there are obvious traces from every moment of the Hellenic history.
The smell of thyme mixed with the saltiness of the meltemi wind.
Honey, fresh fish, wild goat, wild chicory and fresh bread.
The infinity of the horizon as the sun dives in the Aegean seen up from the cliff of Mavri Rachi.
If this is not a treasure, what is?

Special Itineraries

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Psara North coastline
Aega (goat) and Aegean
Psara, Saint Nikolaos
Psara, under the lighthouse
St Nikolaos church
Light house Kokkinopoulo
SELANA at AntiPsara
Temples in the shape of the sky
Our shadows decided to stay in Psara
SELANA at Psara (Limnos beach)
Preparing dinner
Cleaning the fish we caught
Fish or wild goat?
Approaching Psara isl
Antipsara isl