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Charter a Sailing Yacht and cruise around Lesvos or towards all the Aegean islands (like Sporades, Lemnos, Chios, Oinousses, Psara, Dodecanese, Cyclades) and Turkey.
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"SELANA" Salona 42' and
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sailing trip with
your favored hobbies, sports and interests like scuba diving, cycling, hiking, bird-watching, fishing, hot springs and photography workshops ALL YEAR ROUND!!!
Sail the Aegean in 3 dimensions and have the time of your life!

Our location

s/y "SELANA"

Lesvos island

Tokmakia isles

Tokmakia islesTomakia isles will attract, like the ancient Sirens, every sailor who is passing by.
They are located near the north west coast of Lesvos Island just 14 nm from Mytilene and 17nm  from Molivos. rn
This small archipelago give you the impression of tropical place with rnwhite sand and turquoise water. The combination of natural factors rnenabled specific condition for rich sea life and soft corals with brightrn colors that makes this place unique.
It is a tempting destination for a daily trip and surely a place to stop even for a short time during our longer rips.

Many anchorages on the 4 big isles (Tsoukalas, Aspronisos, Barbalias, Panagia) to choose according to the winds and some dangerous reefs between them as well.

Crystal clear waters, picturesque landscapes, interesting snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, bird-watching or just sunbathing.

Noisy seagulls, cormorants and wild goats are the only inhabitants.

Tokmakia offers:
Picturesque landscapes
Bird watching
Interesting geological information

Special Itineraries

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Tokmakia isles
Tokmakia isles
Tokmakia isles
Tokmakia isles
Sunrize in Lesvos
Tokmakia isles
Tokmakia isles
Volcanic rocks (Tokmakia isles)
Sunsize in Tokmakia isles
Volcanic rocks (Tokmakia isles)
Volcanic rocks (Tokmakia isles)
Tokmakia isles
Tokmakia isles
Tokmakia isles
Tokmakia isles
The chief
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