Sailing Cruises ...and more!

Charter a Sailing Yacht and cruise around Lesvos or towards all the Aegean islands (like Sporades, Lemnos, Chios, Oinousses, Psara, Dodecanese, Cyclades) and Turkey.
Our vessel
"SELANA" Salona 42' and
Our skippers offer you
a real sailing experience and
the key to unforgettable holidays.

Also, if you want to enrich your vacations even more, we and
Our Associates
can give you the opportunity
to combine your
sailing trip with
your favored hobbies, sports and interests like scuba diving, cycling, hiking, bird-watching, fishing, hot springs and photography workshops ALL YEAR ROUND!!!
Sail the Aegean in 3 dimensions and have the time of your life!

Our location

s/y "SELANA"

306974792050, 306978893703
306974792050 306978893703
306974792050 306978893703

Photo Workshops

Let Eleonora fascinate you

Photo WorkshopsThere is always something more than your camera’s automatic settings. A different point of view which can create a piece of art out of a simple scene.
  • How do you freeze that dolphin jumping out of the water?
  • How can you catch the movement of boat in a picture?
  • Try out some creative ways to improve your holiday pictures.
Eleonora Pouwels has something to tell you:
"Shutter speed, framing, aperture, polarizer, ISO settings, manual, composition, noise, ND filter, wide angle, motion blur, white balance, image stabilization…..
These are just some words that might seem overwhelming to you when enrolling in a photography course. The idea of sitting in a classroom can be discouraging to some people.
Would you like to know accessible and effective ways to take better photographs?
As well as taking first steps of moving away from your camera’s automatic setting?
Would you like to take better pictures with your mobile?
Then come along with me while sailing along the coast of Lesvos.

Outside, sailing on the blue Aegean sea!
Back to basics, back to nature, back to creativity, back to pure photography!"

In English or Dutch

Personalized workshops for custom experiences are also available.


The details of sailing
Green and blue symphony
Its a round world
Sunset at sea
Sailing is the safest way to carry Eggs
Shooting the shooter (photo Manolis Binos)
Memories of an old boat
Aegean sunset
Our company
Always in our bow
Cape Baba
Mnt Athos
Somewhere on the Aegean
Sunset near Mnt Athos
Sailing is the safest way to carry eggs
Sunset in Mytilene
Sailing is inspiring
Fishing in sunset
Approaching Molivos
Sunset near the Rabbit island
The Cb and the trawler
At the shipyard
8bf in North Aegean
Leaving the port
Typical fishing boat in Lesvos
Looking west
Playing with our shadows