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Charter a Sailing Yacht and cruise around Lesvos or towards all the Aegean islands (like Sporades, Lemnos, Chios, Oinousses, Psara, Dodecanese, Cyclades) and Turkey.
Our vessel
"SELANA" Salona 42' and
Our skippers offer you
a real sailing experience and
the key to unforgettable holidays.

Also, if you want to enrich your vacations even more, we and
Our Associates
can give you the opportunity
to combine your
sailing trip with
your favored hobbies, sports and interests like scuba diving, cycling, hiking, bird-watching, fishing, hot springs and photography workshops ALL YEAR ROUND!!!
Sail the Aegean in 3 dimensions and have the time of your life!

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s/y "SELANA"

Tasting the Greek kitchen while sailing...

... to keep in shape.

Tasting the Greek kitchen while sailing...Have you heard that  Lucullus, the famous Roman general gourmand, made a\r\n specialty farm in Mytilene to trap and enjoy the famous seafood of the \r\nisland? Thank God he left some to survive...
Try the local wines and ouzo and combine them with the small “meze” dishes.
Fresh fish caught in the morning, grilled, fried, raw or cooked in countless ways.
You will not find elsewhere the variety in dishes and tastes that you will find in Lesvos.
Even if you are a vegetarian, do not worry,  Lesvos countryside will \r\nsupply you with delicious ingredients for meals that will remain \r\nunforgettable.
Also, there is no need to search for the tavern \"where the locals go\". Believe it or not, you will not find the \"touristic Greek dishes\" in Lesvos.
You can also tick the \"MEALS INCLUDED\" choice when booking your trip in our BOOKING PAGE and let us offer you the best choices either on land (dinners) or on board (breakfast, lunch and dinners when on deserted anchorages). 
Ιn the meals we will prepare you will not find \"packaged\" foods.
All the ingredients are pure, provided from the local market.
Hot kneaded bread at breakfast.
Honey, butter, cheese, marmaladeand sweets, famous products of Lesvos.

The point is not only to taste but, if you want, to learn some of the local recipes of the famous Mediterranean kitchen straight from the sources...

Please visit Matt Barrett\'s ...\"Lesbian Food Porno\" Really seductive...

Special Itineraries

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Skaros on the grill
Enjoy the result
Learning the secrets
Stuffed Wineleaves
Sea urchins
Appetizers with ouzo
Fried kutsumura (red mullet's cousin)
Eastern eggs
Sea food and ouzo
Breakfast at sea
Scorpio in red sauce
Mirella's specialties
Something to start with
Drying the octapus
Cooked while sailing
Enjoy your meal under the boat's tent
Navigating in Lesvos' Tastes
Fresh fish for lunch
Salted sardines
Sea sun and local tastes